Radek Jalovičár – Investment Sales Manager

Radek Jalovičár has begun his career as a Personal Banker and later on became  an Investment Specialist for Komerční Banka (Commercial Bank) based in Prague. Furthermore, he worked as an Investment Consultant at NWD Private Asset Management Inc.. Then, once again, he was promoted over for Komerční Banka (Commercial Bank) as an Affluent Private Banker. After he spent a several years in the bank industry and capital market, he has decided to focus on the real estate market and his passion still persists. Nowadays, he serves as a partner in several companies such as BenPeg Ltd, In Debt, The InGroup Ltd. as a M&A and Private Equity Consultant. He is also a co-owner & director at PV Claim Ltd. Last but not least, Radek is responsible for development in Czech Republic´s market as an Investment Manager at Zipser Capital.