Daniel Bidlen – CEO

Daniel Bidlen is a founder of Zipser Capital and Chief Executive Officer of all its entities. With over 10 years of experience in various positions within the Hotel& Hospitality field across Europe, predominantly in four and five star hotels, Daniel has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry including risk management, leadership and successful implementation of appropriate strategies in different cultural and economic settings. He is currently a student of International Economic and Government Affairs at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom as well as in Hotel Real Estate Investments and Asset Management online program at Cornell University in the United States. He also holds the positions of General Manager&Co-Founder of Tatra Gastro Group, which operates as a catering, event management and consulting&accountancy company in the hospitality industry.

Tomas Samel – CFO

Tomas Samel is a co-founder and CFO of Zipser Capital. He earned his bachelor degree in business administration at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and currently studies for his Masters in Finance degree at London Business School. Tomas gathered extensive experience in various fields of corporate finance, asset management, M&A and debt restructuring in Munich and Frankfurt. During the last three years, Tomas worked for the corporate finance department of Deloitte Austria. There he acted as an advisor in several mergers, restructurings, debt and equity raising in Austria and across Central Europe. He passed all three CFA exams.
Experience in detail:
– co-working on valuation of an Austrian group of five starts hotel as a part of shares swap deal
– participating in the biggest corporate restructuring in Austria, involved in valuation of the group subsidiaries, conducted management interviews, acted as a liaison between multiple international stakeholders in mandatory offer for a Slovak listed company
– modeling a portfolio of several real estate development in Eastern Europe for a Luxembourg-based Real Estate Investment Trust

Matus Samel – CFO

responsible for international development

Matus Samel is co-founder of Zipser Capital and International Development Officer. Prior to enrolling in Harvard Kennedy School’s Master of Public Policy program, Matus worked for over two years for a London-based market research and consultancy company Future Foundation, with exposure to European and global clients and projects. Matus has previously studied International Economic and Political Affairs at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and McMaster University in Canada. After finishing his undergraduate studies Matus completed a research internship at the respected foreign policy think-tank, Chatham House, in London, focusing on international energy and trade affairs.